Logo “Re-Fresh”

Logo “Re-Fresh”

November 24, 2014 Rockn' Blog 0

We have heard, “We’re desperate to update our look, the website is old and our brochures look awful, but don’t touch the logo. The owner likes it too much.” Hmmm. The thing is the logo could well be part of the ‘overall look’ problem. Try not to discount refreshing your logo just because its stood you in good stead from start up. Logos can evolve without saying goodbye to what’s gone before. These are vital parts of a brand story, and a history is something new brands would dearly love. But this shouldn’t stifle change where it’s needed. Logos can develop with a sense of history, and some of the biggest brands in the business prove the point:

amazon msnbc


Is it time for your logo to “freshen up”?